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Express Facial

A Quick Facial To Restore The Balance Of Combination Skin                                                                                                                         20 min / $45

Problematic Acne Treatment

Using Anti-Inflammatory Products , Along With Extractions, Steam & High Frequency Will Treat Your Current & Future Breakouts             50 min / $70

Sensitive Skin Cleansing Treatment

Your Skin Will Be Soothed With A Cleansing & Gentle Exfoliation, Followed By A Steam Massage & Mask                                                 50 min / $65

Basic Cleanse Treatment

Improves Your Skin's Appearance By Unclogging Pores, Brightens Tone & Texture                                                                                      50 min / $80

Supremely Lit Vitamin C Facial

Fights Signs Of Aging                                                                                                                                                                                       80 min / $95

Gentleman's Facial

Customized For Men This Treatment Will Reduce Signs Of Aging, By Cleansing & Tightening Of Your Pores                                              50 min / $75

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