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Express Balancing Facial:        25 Minutes $45.00

A quick facial to restore the balance of combination skin;  this facial will sooth and restore, brighten and re-balance skin, a good way to enjoy a facial when you don’t have a lot of time.

Clariphase Purifying Acne Treatment:          55 Minutes $70.00

Using the natural anti-inflammatory properties of this line created for problem skin, this facial will treat your current and future break-outs, to improve skin’s tone and texture; extractions and steam will be used along with high frequency and galvanic current.

Sensibelle Basic Cleansing Treatment:          55 Minutes $65.00

Formulated with many anti-inflammatory ingredients, enjoy a relaxing facial that is specifically geared for those with sensitive and reactive skin.  Your skin will be soothed with cleansing and gentile exfoliation, steam, massage and mask.

Fruit Acid ProPeel:          55 Minutes $80.00

A fantastic way to improve your skin’s appearance, renew your skins vibrancy by unclogging pores and brightening tone along with improving texture, without all the harsh effects of a standard AHA peel.  Combined with the facial treatment, your skin will glow!

Vivifying Vitamin C Facial:          85 Minutes $95.00

A great way to give your skin a youthful radiance!  Fight signs of aging by removing dead skin cells, then utilizing the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C to balance skin tone and give an anti-pollution barrier to your skin, revitalize, regenerate and brighten!  Your skin will be noticeably smoother and radiant.

Gentleman's Cleanse & Treat:          55 Minutes $75.00

Cleanse and treat your skin after a hard work week.  This treatment targeted for men, will help reduce the appearance of aging, while tightening and cleansing the pores.  Leaving you with a fresh radiant feeling.

Proto Cell Sublime Stem Cell Mask:      $40.00     (Facial Add-On)

A fantastic anti-aging treatment for mature skin, using rare Swiss Apple stem cells to

promote longevity and oxidation of cells.

ProPeel:      $10.00      (Facial Add-On)

Utilizing fruit acid to gently remove dead skin cells and debris, this peel is safe to use

on any skin type, but very sensitive.  Your skin will glow after just one treatment.

Ocular Freshness Mask:      $20.00           (Facial Add-On)

Say good-bye to tired puffy eyes and dark circles with French Yeast.  You will see visible

results in as little as one treatment.

Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative:      $20.00       (Add this to any service)

Treat your hands, feet and senses to this wonderfully moisturizing and soothing

biodegradable paraffin alternative treatment.  Your dry skin will thank you.


Aromatherapy:      $10.00       ( Add this to any service)

Essential oils are chosen by you and your therapist based on your needs, such as

lavender for headache or chamomile for sore muscles.





Prices deemed to be accurate, but subject to change without notice